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from Insights to Implementation

Since inception, LSSE has been helping organizations to achieve Process and Business Excellence by using data and analytics. LSSE has the unique ability to help organizations End to End (E2E) in their Data Excellence Journey, from Data Gathering to Implementation of improvements resulting from Data Analysis (Insights to Implementation). We provide Training, Consulting, Recruiting and Software products to support Data Science, Machines Learning and Artificial Intelligence implementation.

Training - Our training services include Onsite and Public training classes on Big Data (Hadoop EcoSystem + Spark), Data Science using R, Data Science using Python, Data Visualization using Tableau, Data Visualization using Power BI, Visual Analytics using Tableau and Power BI, Full Stack Data Scientist (Hadoop, R, Python, Tableau), Machine Learning Using Python, NLP (Natural Language Processing), IoT(Internet of Things), Visualization Workshop for Senior managers/Leadership and Data Science Workshop for CxO/Senior Management/Leadership. To learn more details about each class, please visit our training page, please Click Here.

Consulting - Our consulting services focus on helping individual organizations to design, setup and execute internal Data Science teams and organization effectively. Key consulting services include: Data Science Strategy Development, Data Science Organizational Setup and Execution, Customized Corporate Training Development and Delivery, Projects Management and Execution support for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects. To learn more about each of the consulting services, please Click Here to visit our Data Science consulting services page.

Recruiting - As part of providing "End To End" support for Data Science, LSSE offers recruiting assistance to companies looking for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence talents. Since we provide Data Science Training and Consulting services, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations to find best possible talent. We do that while providing fastest turnaround time for finding talent. We have the track record of submitting highly qualified candidates within 2 weeks following the kick-off call with the Hiring Managers. And 80% of the candidates we submit gets first level interviews.Data Science is LSSE's new service! Our goal is to provide comprehensive "End to End (E2E)" Support for your organization's Data needs. We provide Training, Consulting, Recruiting and Software for Data Science. To learn more about our Recruiting solutions, please Click Here to visit our Recruiting solutions page.

Software -  Our software solution focuses on developing applications to implement and sustain Data Science improvements. We have the capability to build and deploy applications R, Python, Visualization, NLP and Machine Learning. To learn more about our Software solutions, please Click Here.

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