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A Framework to Maximize Human Capital & Operational Excellence

Excellence = Process x People

At LSSE, we believe that technical training and human capital training go hand-in-hand. It’s what sets us apart. LSSE knows that all the technical training in the world is ineffective if the trainees don’t know how to communicate with teams, to sell them on their new ideas, to achieve buy-in from their colleagues.

We know that a one-size-fits all approach isn’t nearly as effective as working with your individual leaders and teams on the way their roles fit into your specific company culture. 

Using the precepts of authentic leadership, appreciative inquiry, MBTI assessments, values-based coaching, and other traditional and non-traditional approaches, LSSE provides your employees a tool box of real-world, directly applicable skills that they can begin using immediately upon their return to the office to further enhance the technical skills they’ve already mastered.

By developing an understanding of your workplace vision, mission and values, as well as learning the specific dynamics of your leadership teams, we develop unique customized courses for your teams and organizations to maximize your improvement initiatives.

Our Custom Consulting Services -

  • Company Culture, Vision, Mission, and Values Work (click to learn more)
  • Team Dynamics Workshops With Specific Teams
  • Employee Engagement Analysis
  • Program and Training Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Individualized Training Classes
  • Offsite or onsite teambuilding sessions
  • Executive coaching and new leader integration using MBTI model
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