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Your company’s Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) statement is one of the most powerful tools you can rely on as the basis of all company actions. Employees who truly believe in their VMV use its tenets to guide their everyday decisions. Strong VMVs naturally lead to employee engagement and retention and a winning company culture. They help a company “stay the course” and maintain focus during even the most challenging times. LSSE’s People Excellence team can guide your leaders in creating, sincerely communicating, and authentically leading with your VMV.

We work with teams who:

  • Don’t yet have Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) but want to develop that;
  • Have a VMV that feels “stale” or ineffective; or
  • Believe that their current VMV is solid but needs to be sincerely adopted by their teams.

By developing an understanding of where you are in your VMV program, we develop customized solutions for your organization. Our work can include:

  • Using a technique called Appreciative Inquiry to develop a VMV by articulating the company’s inherent strengths
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions and focus groups of a cross-section of employees to determine what’s important to employees in all disciplines
  • Leading VMV definition work that produces “real world” semantics to ensure the VMV influences all employees’ day-to-day decisions
  • Developing company-wide incentives and contests to emphasize “Living the Values”
  • Training front-line leaders, absolutely the most important part of driving a positive company culture, in customizable topics including Authentic Leadership, Presentation Skills and Managing Confrontation
  • Kicking off a company’s establishment or reintroduction of VMV with an offsite leadership teambuilding session
  • Developing a VMV Plan to brand and communicate VMV, overcome obstacles and employee resistance, and encourage the VMV to be a real tenant for everyday use
  • Offsite or onsite teambuilding sessions
  • Executive coaching and new leader integration using MBTI model



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